The four types of stone

The Different Stone Types

There are four recognised types of stone.

We explain each below.


Metamorphic stone is a stone type that started out as one thing but changed through to another. This is a natural change, usually due to a mixture of heat, minerals and pressure.

The most well know of these stone types are marble, slate and serpentine.


Underneath the earths surface, liquid magma cools and solidifies caused stones to form, these are Igneous (rocks) . Minerals and gases that also solidify with these stones cause differing colours. The most well known and used are Granite and basalt.


Sedimentary stone is a stone that comes from organic elements such as glaciers, rivers, wind, oceans and plants.

Tiny pieces of those elements accumulate and form rock beds, (See attached image). Through millions of years of heat and pressure the pieces become bonded. Examples of sedimentary stones include limestone, sandstone and travertine.


Artificial stone is produced by mixing powder, resin and pigment and then casting to form a block from which the size needed for the project , can by cut & shaped. Some factories have perfected this to a great art and produce amazing faux marbles.

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